The Ely Field Naturalists has grown in number to over 500 people who enjoy experiencing, sharing, teaching and learning about nature in northeastern Minnesota.  EFN includes every kind of background and age level: scientists, resource managers, students, land owners, artists, writers, retirees, researchers, teachers, parents.  The list can go on and on through all types of amateurs and professionals with outdoor interests.

The EFN mission is to develop science education opportunities and educational resources, facilitate communication through nature-related activities, and coordinate events and partnerships in community service and collaborative learning for northeastern Minnesota  residents and visitors.

EFN began and continues as a Google Group.  New members join to connect to others with knowledge and interest in nature.   To be able to receive email postings, create postings, and respond to the postings of others just go to the Google Group and request to be added as a member.  EFN holds evening meetings throughout most the year on the third Thursday of each month and organizes  field trips of various types each month. Check the Google Group or Calendar for upcoming events and details.

Please use the contact form below if you are looking for more information or would like to leave feedback.



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